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Never Going Back Again
Fleetwood Mac
Paul McCartney


Wonderful Tonight
Eric Clapton

Tears in Heaven
Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

Nobody Knows You
Eric Clapton

Homeward Bound
Simon & Garfunkel
simon and garfunkel

Kathys Song
Simon & Garfunkel
simon and garfunkel

The Boxer
Simon & Garfunkel
simon and garfunkel

Don't Think Twice
Bob Dylan

Slow Blues
Stefan Grossman

Too Tight Rag
Blind Blake

Brendas Blues
John Fahey
john fahey

Romeo & Juliet
Dire Straits
Elton John
Ralph McTell
Don McClean
Michael Chapman
mike chapman
Arr Grossman
Led Zeppelin
Michael Chapman
mike chapman
Arr. Mike Herberts
Ralph McTell
streets of london
Bob Marley

The Police

James Taylor

Arlo Guthrie

Robert Johnson

Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

Read what guitarists everywhere are saying about 6 String Videos!

"Your friendly manner is a breath of fresh air and I (like many others I am  sure) feel like I know you"

I think you have got it just right! I look forward to opening my e-mails
every day in hope that there is another Mike Herbert's snippet.

You have enough free material to keep us visiting your site and enough  tempting material to make us part with our hard earned cash.

"Learned More - Quicker!"
I've only just seen your first instructional video and I've learned more in 20 minutes than in the last 2 months.


"The Best I've Seen!"
I must congratulate you on your superb choice of tunes for us novices to have a go at. They seem to fit the part perfectly not to difficult and sound good to me even on my first attempts. Having tried a few tutorial  sites on the internet over the past 12 months yours is the best by far.

Ken Harrison

And finally a few random comments about my videos from various sources around the net. Mostly from

Thank you very much. Straight ahead and to the point. Love you!

Lovely simple instruction, great for a beginner.

Talented guy thanks for taking the time to do the vid

Great teacher. keep up the good work.

Very great ! plz make more vids like this! Very helpfull!

Cheers mate uv really helped me! keep the vids coming

Brilliant.. my strum has always been terrible

You're the best :D i seem to learn so much faster when you teach, please make more videos or upload some songs that you have created if you havent already :) thank you so much

I'm sure you get this a lot,'re a wonderful teacher. this is helping me a lot. :)

You are a great teacher, thanks !

You are a great teatcher! Never seen such a clear explanation for a beginner. Thanks!

Excellent  beginner blues tuition video. This is great instruction, plain, simple and easy to understand. Thank you so much for your time.

You play well, speak well, film well, and teach well. Thanks a million for your videos. All the best to you.

How to make Your Own
Downloadable Guitar Tuition Video.

Firstly decide on a song to teach.

It has to have wide appeal and it can't be too advanced. Advanced guitarists wouldn't need a video would they? Also it has to be something that you enjoy playing yourself.

Go through the song and figure out which bits might cause a beginner to stumble.

There's no point in producing a video that has a few easy bits and a really difficult bit that you can never learn and therefore not be able to play the piece all the way through. Eliminate the difficult bits by using my years of playing experience to know what I can get away with and what is absolutely essential.
If there is a big barre chord then I must replace it with just the bare bones. If there is a big stretch then figure a way round it.

Now I have to learn the piece thoroughly myself.

I mean learn it so well that it is second nature and can be played very fluently. I have to be able to play it whilst thinking about teaching you to play it and talking at the same time.

Now make the tabs

Once I've decided on a final version I now have to tab the piece. I know there are loads of tab sites out there on the internet but awful lot of them as so innacurate that they are unusable. I don't know what the music publishers get so wound up about since the stuff is so 'off the mark' that it probably wouldn't be recognisable by the person who wrote it.

I use a registered version of Tabledit to make the tabs. It is not the most advanced tabbing software out there but it has all the features I need and it is much more useable than some of the more advanced ones.

On a recent tele-conference I had with some of my long term subscribers I asked about who was using the tefview program that I send out with videos and was suprised that more people don't make use of this great facility. You can speed up, slow down, change key, change instrument and all sorts of other possibilities with this sotware. I use it all the time, especially for learning new material. When the tab is done I then need to save it as a .jpg and also as a .pdf and make these downloadable.

If you haven't already subscribed
you'll want to do that now.


Because I'll be sending you at least 50 Guitar Lesson Song videos for FREE.....That's why.

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Oh and of course an unsubscribe
link is sent with every email now I can think about making the actual video

OK so once the tabs are finished I can think about making the video. I have my lighting and camera positioning pretty well sorted out these days but it has taken a vast amount of trial and error to get to this point. I now shoot the video. I use two of my DV digital video cameras and three halogen lamps. The lamps need to be pointed away from the guitar and sheilded and reflected from the walls to get the best shots. People ask do I get out I? Oh yes..lots of out takes.

Let's get it all onto the computer

Once the guitar video is 'in the can' (sounds good that doesn't it?) then I need to get in onto a hard drive and useable by my video editing software. The raw video files with a length of 10 to 15 minutes are about 6 GB each and remember there are two of them (sometimes three) for each song. This means that I go through an awful lot of hard drive space. Just as an aside you need hard drives that spin at 7200 rpm minimum otherwise the video capture is too quick for the drive and frames get dropped ( my local computer store manager likes to see me drive into the car park)

Find a good editing package

Now the files need to be edited to produce a smoothly flowing lesson. I try these days to give a rendition of the entire song as a performance so that buyers know exactly 'how it goes'. When I'm happy with the playing part I need to add titles and transitions between the edits. When the whole project is finished I am ready to render the video files.

I will in all probability need to render the file in several different formats. If I'm producing a DVD for example then it's usually best to save the finished video file in its highest quality format (usually .avi). This format is also need if I am creating some streaming video for promotional purposes (more of that later.) The commonest file I creat is a .WMV (Windows Media Video) I tey to save in the highest quality I can without allowing the file size to get too big. The only problem with huge files is that they can take a long time to upload and download.

Let's get it out into Cyberspace

Once the downloadable version is saved I can then upload it to whichever webspace I'm going to use. For this I use a standard .ftp (File Transfer Protocal) program.

Now all I have to do is...

Upload the tabs and .tef files, html pages, video files...

Creat a sales/promotion page in html. (and upload it)

Create a purchase link/button to add to the sales page.

Arrange for purchasers to be added to an autoresponder list
so that they can access their video download after payment.

Create a small streaming sample of the video to go on the purchase page (and upload it)

Creat a download page for the buyer in html. (and upload it)

Add a buyers link to my main website page. (and upload it)

Now all I have to do is tell every one on my subscribers list that I have made a new video and then go and have a cup of tea and a sit down 'cos I'm knackered.

All I can say is 'It's a good job I like messing around with Guitars and Computers'

If you haven't been to my site before and you want some of my FREE Guitar Videos, Just go to Guitar Videos


Mike Herberts